Trackmania Nations Forever

SAT 8:00; SUN 0:00

Local server: Kylälanit 2018

Password: laniT2018

There is a Trackmania server available and competition ongoing from SAT morning until SUN morning.

In order to participate to the competition:

  1. Login to the server "Kylälanit 2018"
    • At any point during the LAN party
  2. Finish prefably all, but at leaste some of the 5 maps rotating.
    • Try as many times as you like. The best time on each map counts.
  3. You will get points depending on your placement on each map. We will announce the winners, those with most points in total, on Sunday.

Current best times will be visible on the HUD. Voting will be available, so you can e.g. try again a map in case you are alone on the server. Goes without saying, but it will be disabled if abused. Maps will be what they are - will I make my own? Will they be the stock ones? I do not know yet.

No need to neccessarily stress about the competition, you can come play for just fun as well.

You can get the game, either Trackmania Nations Forever, or Trackmania United Forever, from steam. You can find the Kylälanit 2018 server from Party Play - On Local Network.