Participation and Registration

The participation and registration is free for everyone. If you wish to bring your own computer, you need to register and check the seat registration box in the registration form.

Basics for those with computers

Seat registration will be available as long as we have seats available. If you want to ensure a seat, register early.

On the site, seats will be distributed on first come first served basis. So if you wish to choose your own seat, be on site early. We may publish the seat map on this site at later point in time (not sure about this yet). We have 60 seats initially, but we may increase this if it seems necessary and possible. In that case we will inform about it on this site.

Those who register for a computer seat will have about 1 meter of tables space, a seat, one power socket and one network port. Extension cords, Ethernet cable (10m should be enough?), computer and peripherals you need to bring your own.

The Venue

The event takes place at Smökki, located at Jämeräntaival 4. There will be a main LAN area with around 60 computer seats and a separate console gaming area. Some activities may take place outside as well.

The venue will be open 24/7 throughout the event.

Consoles area

There will be a console gaming area with various different game consoles. We will also host some console game competitions there.


Competitions are, with some exceptions, available for everyone to participate in, regardless of seat reservation. Some games may require you to have a computer on site and connected to the LAN, in which case you should bring your own computer. We have some public use gaming computers. Whether or not the public computers can be used or reserved in order to participate to a competition, will be announced on that competitions info site.

Generally the competitions will not have prizes/rewards other than fame and glory -- we will publish the winners on this site as well as announce on the site. There might be some surprise material rewards on some competitions, but do not put your hopes on it. Anyway it's not about the rewards, but more about having fun participating and the right to brag in case you happen to do well.


No sleeping on site. There will be a security officer on site at least some of the time. If you cause problems or disturb other participants, we can remove you from the site on our discretion.

Other Stuff

We will try to orginize a night meal (for a reasonable price).

Have Fun.


You can contact miika.piiroinen (ät)